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Get your free recruit persona templates

Search out unreliable applicants and get in front of quality recruits.

These templates will help you recognize your ideal recruits and create strong marketing strategies targeted to just them.

Persona Audrey

New nurse looking to expand her knowledge.


Persona Kenya

College graduate looking to build her resume.

With our templates you can go further.

Learn more about the recruits you want.

Building your ideal recruit using a guided method can take your outlook on community engagement to a whole new level.

Conduct research, surveys, and interviews.

Don’t just guess. Reach out to your current applicants, your team, and even friends and family to help craft different personas.

Use our guide to research and create your recruit persona.

It’s important to establish a recruit personas for your department or organization so you can segment your audience (those you market to) and create stronger marketing campaigns. But how do you start researching and creating these personas?

Our free, customizable recruit persona templates will let you easily organize your research to create your ideal recruit or applicant. When you deploy marketing strategies with well researched persona, you are marketing smarter. 

In addition, you’ll learn some of the best practices for research and create functional, well-formatted personas that you can share with your entire organization.

Numbers talk more than just words

Ready to unlock your marketing potential?

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Higher Applicant Quality:


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*based on research provided by delve.ai

Place a face to the name, because the process works.

Studies show that putting a face to your recruit persona helps you visualize your marketing strategies. Here are some examples:

School Teacher

Kathy Steward

Music Student

Ernie Pena

Dental Clerk

Hannah Summers

Certified Firefighter

Scott Porter

ER Nurse

Helen Wheeler

Starbucks Barista

Kelly Dixon

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